Microsoft’s AI graphic designer, ‘Microsoft Designer,’ now testing on LinkedIn desktop

Devesh Beri

Designer in Windows 11

Microsoft introduced Microsoft Designer, an AI-based graphic designer web app, which was first teased back in August of 2022, earlier this year, enabling users to create visuals like social media posts, invitations, digital postcards, and graphics by simply providing text prompts. The app can produce personalized designs and recommendations based on users’ images or ideas. To access Microsoft Designer, users can visit the web version.

As reported by MSPowerUser, Microsoft has recently initiated testing the Microsoft Designer experience on the LinkedIn desktop with a specific group of members. This new integration allows LinkedIn users to swiftly create custom designs and original images to complement their posts directly from the LinkedIn page.

For instance, instead of posting a plain text message about job openings, users can now accompany it with eye-catching graphic designs to attract more attention, create striking graphics for your company’s latest releases, create heartfelt and personalized digital posts and more.

Microsoft Designer LinkedIn integration

To access Microsoft Designer on LinkedIn, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the LinkedIn homepage and click “Design” in the compose box.
  2. A Microsoft Designer pop-up window will appear, where users can describe the desired design, upload existing images, generate images, and more.
  3. After creating the design, click “Done” or “Customize design” to add templates, media, visuals, text, and Brand kits.
  4. Once the graphic design is ready, add the text content and hit “post.”
  5. Users can also make additional changes by clicking the “Edit” icon on the design.

Please note that Microsoft is currently testing the integration with a limited group of LinkedIn members, so not everyone may have access to Microsoft Designer on the platform.