Microsoft's 50% off Red Stripe deals include Dragon's Lair, Final Fantasy 3 among others

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Microsoft's 50% off Red Stripe deals include Dragon's Lair, Final Fantasy 3 among others

Here we are, another Thursday under out belts. Aside from being the pre-Friday countdown until the weekend, Thursdays also brings us Red Stripe deals. Red Stripe deals are just a little thank you from Microsoft to users who are active in the Windows (Phone) Stores.

Today’s deals include some throwbacks to Xbox games as well some finger-friendly editing tools.

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The first offer is the throwback 80’s arcade game with Dirk the Daring called Dragon’s Lair. Typically, the animated story game runs around $9.99 but today dragon slayers can grab the game for $4.99. Another game being pulled out of the treasure chest is Final Fantasy III. The blockbuster 90’s Nintendo game can now be had for $7.99 rather than usual $15.99 on any other day. Another interesting deal for today is the puzzle based game, Pettson’s Inventions. The game appears to be a Universal app that is playable on both Windows 8 devices as well as Windows Phone. Originally $3.99, the game is now half that at $1.99 as part of today’s Red Stripe deals. Pettson’s Inventions offer’s 66 inventions to build using your fingers. The idea is to figure out which objects should be placed in which areas to complete the design. Pettson’s Inventions seems like an ideal time-killer for young minds or a refresher course on some rusty ones.

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Another offer of the bundle is PhotoDirector Mobile. The intuitive photo editing client allows users to adjust colors tones, crop and apply effects with a touch-friendly interface. PhotoDirector Mobile is also among the first editing tools to offer a ‘magical’ object removal tool. PhotoDirector Mobile also lets users compile photo collages, do batch editing and share to some of the biggest social networking sites around. With a recent up update, users will now have access to 10 updated portrait enhancing effects.

There are few other titles that are also on sale through May 27. Check out:

All in all, not a bad bunch of price cuts for some fun and useful apps from the Windows Store(s).

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