Microsoft’s 3D optimization tool Simplygon now supports most common CAD file formats

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Microsoft today took to the Windows Experience blog to highlight how the company has worked to bring Simplygon service (which they originally acquired last year) to Windows Mixed Reality. The Redmond giant says that the 3D optimization tool Simplygon now supports most common CAD file formats, helping bring Computer Aided Design to more enterprises.

According to Microsoft, Simplygon now supports the JT and STEP file format, which are the most common file types used by CAD professionals. This allows for the automation of 3D optimizations to customers across digital industries, and “empowers more industries to painlessly and efficiently bring their existing assets into mixed reality,” per Microsoft.

CAD creators can now expect to enjoy the JT and STEP formats on their PC and transcode and optimize via Simplygon. This is particularly useful for the manufacturing industries, which use JT files in product lifecycle management and in analyzing and augmenting the geometry of complex models.

You can get started with Simplygon Cloud by visiting the Azure Marketplace homepage. Microsoft also has this handy set of documentation, explaining more on how it can be integrated into your workflow.

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