Microsoft, you’ve hidden the power controls in Windows 8 and no one can find them! (editorial)

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is here, which means the average user market is now invited to try out Windows 8. That’s what one of my friends did. He isn’t very into tech, he’s just an average PC user who surfs the web and watches videos online. So, how long did it take him to shut down Windows 8?

Microsoft has hidden the shut down, restart and sleep options in Windows 8 far too well, in fact, it takes the average user 3 times longer to shut down a Windows 8 PC for the first time than they did on Windows 7.

The power options are hidden away in the new Charm Bar. The Charm Bar can be accessed by swiping in from the right of the screen, or placing your cursor in either top or bottom of the right hand corners. The average user isn’t going to know this.

We put together a little test to see how long it took my friend to turn off a Windows 7 PC, and a Windows 8 PC. Let’s compare shall we?

As the video shows, it takes the average user a longer time to shut down the PC, than they did on Windows 7. How should Microsoft fix this?

Microsoft needs to add the power options to the user-tile drop down menu on the Start Screen, sure this still isn’t faster than Windows 7, but users may have an easier time finding it.

Mock-up, not real.

What do you think? How long did it take you to shut down Windows 8 for the first time? Leave your comments below!

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