Microsoft yet again denies the existence of a Surface Phone, says the Lumia is their child too


Rumours of a Surface Phone have been chilling in the bowels of the internet for some time now. Microsoft have said in the past that a Surface Phone is non-existent, and today have added onto that claim by saying that the relationship between them and Nokia is so close that it feels just like their own child.

Microsoft can apparently influence what goes on at Nokia when it comes to the development of the Lumia brand. “Our relationship is so close we get hardware early and we have some say in how these things are designed.” Said Microsoft.

So the main point? The Surface Phone is already here, in the shape of the Nokia Lumia 920. While it may not be built by the team at Microsoft, it’s definitely treated as if it were. All the Nokia Lumia phones get first class seats to the latest in Windows Phone. You can also bet that Nokia Lumia devices will be supported the longest, compared to other manufacturers like HTC or Samsung.

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