Microsoft Xoogler James Whittaker and Office Mix on how to give a great presentation

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Microsoft Office Mix is a PowerPoint add-in for the creating compelling interactive online presentations. Mixes can incorporate all kinds of content, such as voice, video, digital ink, and images, and can be posted online for sharing with the world. If this sounds interesting to you, then check out James Whittaker’s Mix on how to present a powerful idea (via the Office Blog).

Whittaker is moderately famous as a Xoogler (ex-Google employee) who made the round-trip from Microsoft to Google and back, and who offers coaching on how to create a strong stage presence. The Mix is well worth a watch if you’re in the business of giving presentations, and nicely highlights how Mix can help make a presentation interactive and more than just a boring slide deck.

Check it out:

The Art of Stage PresenceJames

You can learn more about Office Mix at

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