Microsoft: Xbox shows will come in first half of 2014, but we’re not Netflix

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Microsoft: Xbox shows will come in first half of 2014, but we’re not Netflix

Much has been made of Microsoft plans to develop original series for streaming to Xbox Ones and Xbox 360s all over the world. No firm dates have yet been set, but it is hoped that the first new shows will be broadcast in the first half of 2014.

Speaking to Variety, Microsoft’s president of entertainment and digital, Nancy Tellem said that “We’re hoping we will be able to put something up in the first quarter, at minimum second quarter.” It is understandable that things are taking a little longer than users might have hoped; Microsoft is trying something quite adventurous different.

“We aren’t Netflix, we aren’t Amazon, we’re a different animal,” explain Tellem. She has the task of meeting the expectations of ever more demanding audiences who are looking not only for on-demand content, but also interactive content.

Tellem is keen to try to eliminate waste. “We’re here to support the artists and the talent. We don’t have the layers traditional media has. Our studio is very lean which allows us to be a lot more nimble and have a direct relationship with talent and help them realize their vision.”

Already in the pipeline is a Halo inspired series produced by Steven Spielberg.

What would you like to see? Or are you more interested in gaming on your console than watching media?

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