Microsoft: Xbox One Reveal event tops 8.45 million views in first 24 hours

Xbox One, Kinect and Controller

With the recent Xbox One reveal, Microsoft have announced that the Xbox Reveal event topped a record breaking 8.45 million viewers in the first 24-hours of the event streaming. The event has topped all other Xbox related streams.

“On, we nearly tripled our previous concurrency record – with almost three times as many people watching the livestream at the same time, versus any other major event in history” claims Xbox.

To put this into perspective, the Xbox Reveal gained a higher viewership in the first 24 hours than the Doctor Who Series Finale did in the UK, which had topped around 7.45 million. Doctor Who is a rather popular sci-fi show in the UK. As an avid Doctor Who fan this saddens me, but nonetheless this is a fantastic achievement for everyone at Xbox.

The buzz which the Xbox One unveiling has caused is amazing. ‘Xbox One’ is still trending on Twitter in the top 3 worldwide, which means it had been trending for much longer than the PS4 did when it was announced.

Microsoft are expected to talk more about Xbox One at it’s E3 Press Conference in June.

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