Microsoft: Xbox One may cost $100 more than PS4, but it's a better console

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Xbox One

Microsoft is set to launch the Xbox One entertainment console this November, but that doesn't mean the company cant tout its new entertainment device as better than the competition. While the Xbox One may be $100 more than the Sony PS4 or $200 more than the Nintendo Wii U this holiday season, Microsoft believes the Xbox One is a better console with better games.

"It’s up to us to prove that it’s worth $100 more. I think it is. I think we do more. I think our games are better. I think as people start to experience Kinect and see what it can do using voice, I think that’s better. I think the ability to have an all-in-one system where you can plug in the TV, that’s better. I think we’ll have a better online service. I just believe that we’re going to have a better system," Microsoft's Xbox senior director of product planning and management Albert Penello stated in an interview with GameSpot.

Microsoft firmly believes that the Xbox One is the "most premium console" compared to the competition. As for the $100 to $200 dollar price difference between the Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U, Microsoft doesn't see the Xbox One's price tag as a deal killer.

Do you agree with Microsoft? Is the Xbox One worth the price tag?

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