Microsoft Xbox One Elite Controllers remain hot commodities, stock sells out "instantly"

Mark Coppock

Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite Controller is arguably one of the best console and/or game controllers on the market. It offers excellent build quality, great gaming support, and a high price, the latter of which hasn’t stopped the thing from selling out pretty much from the get-go.
Yesterday, Xbox’s Phil Spencer went on Twitter yesterday to lets us know that Microsoft just can’t keep up with demand:

In case you’re not familiar with just what makes the Elite Controller, well, elite, check out Microsoft’s video:

And, of course, you can just check out our very own review to get the full scoop. As we said:

Does the Elite Controller give you an advantage when gaming? Yes, absolutely. It gives you a very competitive advantage over gamers with a standard controller. But is it worth the $149.99 price tag? I’m not so sure. In the end, it depends who you are. If you’re someone who is very into gaming, in that losing a game is bad news for you, then this controller is what you need. It has all the bells and whistles one professional-type gamer would want. But if you’re a normal gamer who doesn’t mind losing every now and then and isn’t super-serious about winning at a game, I can’t see why you’d want to shell out $149.99 for a controller that you probably won’t take full advantage of. The standard controller does everything you probably need.

You can always check the Microsoft Store to see if one’s in stock, but it’s looking like a 12/28 ship date is likely. Of course, that juicy price of $149.99 remains in effect.

Microsoft Store Xbox One Elite Controller
The Microsoft Store thinks they’ll be able to get an Elite Controller to you starting on 12/28. We’ll see.

So, if you happen to come across an Xbox One Elite Controller in stock somewhere, grab it. You don’t know when another chance will come along.