Microsoft: Xbox One is designed for a lifecycle spanning an entire decade

Xbox One

With the upcoming release of Microsoft's new Xbox One entertainment console set for November of this year, Microsoft has gone on record and has explained why the console is so large and what benefits we will see from the larger device. According to the devices and services giant, the Xbox One is 'entirely silent' when in idle and low-activity mode and you will 'barely feel' any heat from the console.

Microsoft has also stated that the Xbox One is designed for a ten year lifecycle, which means that the console has been designed to last you for ten years. "A highly placed source says that the console has been designed with a ten-year lifecycle in mind and that it is designed to be switched on for that entire period," a report from EuroGamer stated.

Microsoft understands that the Xbox One needs to be nearly silent when placed in someones living room. Microsoft opted for a larger console design to focus on heat dissipation and to allow for a quieter system. The Xbox 360, on the other hand, is much smaller than the new Xbox One console.

"The net result is a relatively voluminous piece of console hardware, which may take up a fair amount of room in the lounge but has tangible benefits for gamers to make up for its imposing presence," the report adds. The Xbox One will also be entirely silent when in an idle or low-activity state, which will prevent you from feeling any heat coming from the console's exhaust vents.

In terms of the software, Microsoft is working on making gameplay extremely fast to access on the new Xbox One.

Hit the source link below to read all the juicy details about the upcoming Xbox One console. Microsoft is set to release the console in November of this year.

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