Microsoft Xbox Kinect used to create music video, makes your jaw drop

We all know that the Microsoft Kinect is a cool way to interact with games and entertainment. But did you know it can be used to create a music video? New Look’s “Nap on the Bow” utilizes the Kinect for a jaw dropping music video.

“Our concept for New Look’s video for ‘Nap On The Bow’ grew out of an interest in exploring the possibilities provided by the Xbox Kinect camera. Alternative uses for the camera have also been widely experimented with and there are lots of great videos and software people have created that use the data in innovative ways. One of them is to use the depth information the camera collects to capture people in 3D. These images with their crude beauty really appealed to us,” the makers of the music video stated.

New Look’s “Nap on the Bow” utilizes the Kinect for an evocative landscape. Footage was manipulated by making it dissolve and dissipate particles. Elements were shot separately and combined in post production.

The makers of the video also noted one interesting tidbit about the Kinect camera. “One other interesting thing we discovered, a product of the fact the camera only collects the 3D data from the angle it sees, this effectively means you get half a 3D image. When you rotate the image 90 degrees past the angle you’ve shot from you suddenly see the inverted version of the image. When looking at the band we found we really liked these inverted versions. They create a really interesting optical illusion as you move back and forth and it was this effect that we utilized to give us the circular tracking shot, which became the centre piece of the video.”

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