Microsoft’s Xbox Gear Shop adds new Christmas sweater and more

Brad Stephenson

Woman wearing an Xbox Gear Shop Xbox controller Christmas T-shirt.

Microsoft’s official Xbox Gear Shop online store updated this month with a plethora of new merchandise inspired by the Xbox brand and several of the platform’s popular video game franchises.

Among these new additions is the new Age of Empires Christmas sweater which is just in time for the holiday season, an Xbox logo cutting board, an Xbox logo rug, a new Xbox logo wall light, a Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary tumbler and T-shirt, and some playing cards inspired by the new Pentiment video game.

Xbox Gear Shop Christmas items
Xbox Gear Shop Christmas items

A good selection of Halo items were also added to Xbox Gear Shop recently with some of the more noteworthy items being two Halo Infinite phone cases, a Halo 2023 calendar (unfortunately already sold out,) a light-up sword, and an Xbox Gear Shop exclusive Halo Infinite: Spartan Chonmage/Yokai statue.

In addition to all of the above, a new page showcasing all of the Christmas seasonal items has been added to make holiday shopping easier for Xbox fans.

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