Microsoft working on Xbox games for Windows Phone

Microsoft is working on making its Xbox 360 video games available for play on smartphones in an attempt to rival Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft is looking to unveil a brand new online gaming service for smartphones next year, in conjunction with Windows 8's release.

From what is reported, the new online gaming service will feature new games for play on smartphones and tablet computers running Windows 8. Movies and other digital content will also be available. This new online service will have the ability to to sync their profile and Xbox Live information across multiple platforms.

Microsoft will implement a close connection between the smartphone games and the Xbox, which allow players to continue console games on their phones and to use their phones as controllers for their Xbox console.

We don't know if this new service is a separate service compared to the Xbox Live, or a part of it. Perhaps this service will be a part of Windows 8? More details on this as we learn more about it.

Microsoft is also reportedly working on offering online pay television service from providers like Comcast and Verizon though the company's Xbox Live service. Microsoft is attempting to channel more entertainment features to its popular entertainment and gaming console.

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Microsoft finally adding online pay TV service to Xbox 360?

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