Microsoft working on redesigned password management for Edge

Devesh Beri

Microsoft is working on a redesigned password manager for its Edge web browser, according to tweets from Twitter user Leopeva64. The new password manager will reportedly include adding notes to passwords. This feature has been available in Chrome for some time.

It is unclear when the redesigned Edge password manager will be released. However, the fact that Microsoft is working on it is a positive sign for users who want a more powerful and secure password manager.

Leopeva64 tweeted that Microsoft Edge’s password management bubble is getting revamped to incorporate features akin to Chrome’s bubble. This new design will enable users to include and edit password notes from Edge’s password manager bubble itself.

He then tweeted that Microsoft is redesigning the password manager on the Wallet page. However, the new design does not display passwords, and the ellipsis menu is not functional. The same user also teased ‘On-Device Encryption’ on Microsoft Edge for Android.

Adding the ability to add notes to passwords is a welcome improvement. This will allow users to add additional information about their passwords, such as the website where they are used or the date they were created. This can help users to better manage their passwords and keep them secure.

The redesigned password manager is also expected to include other improvements, such as a more modern design and better security features. This will make it a more attractive option for users looking for a secure and easy-to-use password manager.