Microsoft working on new tool to help Windows Insiders stuck on older preview builds

Arif Bacchus

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A routine part of being a Windows Insider is installing new builds to try out the latest and greatest Windows 10 features. Unfortunately, unexpected bugs sometimes impact Windows Update, and your device may get stuck and leave you unable to download new builds. Well, Microsoft said today they are now working to solve that problem with a new program for Windows Insiders.

The announcement was made in a blog post today by Senior Program Manager on the Windows Insider Team, Jason Howard. He explains that Windows Insiders have said the inability to install an update is a very important issue, especially because it is “not fun to be in the Windows Insider program if you can’t install new builds.” Howard also said the goal of the new program is simple, to help Windows Insiders get their stuck machines get back to a good state, and back to installing new builds.

Each time we work through a new development cycle, Windows evolves with new features, new functionality, and most importantly, it becomes more secure. Staying up-to-date is the best way to take advantage of these new features and to help ensure your machine remains secure. Our ultimate goal with this effort is to do just that: help you stay current. Stay tuned for future announcements as we move forward with this effort.

Howard’s post did not make any mention of a timeframe for the release of the program, but he urged Windows Insiders to stay tuned for future announcements. He also pointed to using ISO files as a good solution for when a device gets stuck on a build, though it is usually only an option for users who have experience in the process.

Anyway, it is definitely nice to hear that Microsoft is working to address a common problem facing Windows Insiders, especially as the program becomes more popular and diverse. Do you think such a tool would be useful? Or do you stick to ISO files? Let us know your thoughts below.