Microsoft working on major redesign of Hotmail

Microsoft is planning on unveiling a major redesign of its Hotmail webmail service next month. The company is planning a ton of upgrades such as improved spam filtering, better security, and improved performance.

Microsoft working on major redesign of Hotmail - - September 9, 2011

"We listened. We learned. We reinvented Hotmail from the ground up. From performance to spam to security and more, we're going to challenge your perceptions and show how we stack up against the competition," reads an invitation sent out by Microsoft.

The invitation is for a press event that will take place in New York and San Francisco on October 3rd.

There is not much known about what else will be revealed about the new Hotmail, aside from the possibility of a HTML5 version of the webmail service and the possibility of offline support.

Hotmail has to worry about two main competitors, Google's Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Lets hope that this new redesign will shake things up a bit in the webmail arena.

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