Microsoft working on designs of a touch-enabled watch device, features 1.5-inch display


Looks like the chances of us getting to see a Microsoft touch-enabled watch device is finally upon us. Microsoft has reportedly asked its Asian suppliers to ship components of a potential touch-enabled watch.

While we continue to see a growing demand for wearable gadgets as smartphones become bigger and bigger every year, a smart watch that has some sort of integration with one’s smartphone only makes sense.

Microsoft has requested these components to potentially create a touch-enabled watch device, featuring a 1.5 inch display. Microsoft requested displays from component makers for that specific size. No word on exactly if Microsoft will follow through with a touch-enabled watch, but this report gives us a positive outlook on its chances.

Back in 2008, we saw the sales of Microsoft’s Smart Watch disappear. Smart Watch was Microsoft’s first interest in a wearable gadget, which provided news headlines, sports scores, and instant messages via a FM radio and a subscription fee.

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