Microsoft working on creating technology advancement opportunities for women in Latin America


Microsoft, known for its wide range of computing software and hardware, is also interested in the topic of Women and Social Inclusion. During the company’s annual Government Leaders Forum – Latin America and Caribbean in Rio de Janeiro, the software giant is looking to help women enter and advance in the field of computing.

“As in many parts of the world, women in Latin America play an important role in the family and community. We know that when women are fully engaged in our workforce and society at large, they bring great ideas and drive great innovation. It has also been shown that nations with greater gender equality and higher proportions of educated females have more robust economies. Progress for women is progress for every society,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

According to Microsoft, 51% of the population in Latin America is female and women face poverty at a rate 20% higher than men. Microsoft wants to help curtail that figure and assist women in entering the workforce by making them more appealing job candidates. Microsoft is working with twenty national and international women’s organizations to coordinate efforts in encouraging women to enter and advance in the computing workforce.

To start off, Microsoft has unveiled two new programs for women. Imagine Cup will feature two new competitions for women while DigiGirlz helps high school girls learn about technology, connect with Microsoft, and partake in hands-on computing.

Microsoft also added that 31% of its employees in Latin America are women and that percentage is already above the industry average. Microsoft is looking to expand this percentage and reminded us all that “empowering women is not just the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do.”

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