WhatsApp Web Support for Edge Browser is being worked on by Microsoft

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Microsoft working to brings WhatsApp Web Support to Edge Browser

Earlier this year, WhatsApp introduced a web version of the popular instant messaging client, allowing users to use the service using web browsers. Currently, the service is available for users running Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. Initially, it was restricted to Google Chrome with other browsers being added later. The service doesn’t work with Microsoft’s newly announced Microsoft Edge browser or Internet Explorer, but it seems we may get to see support for it soon.

Microsoft Program Managers Greg Whitworth and David Storey responded to users on Twitter stating that they are working with WhatsApp engineers to make sure Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer will work with WhatsApp Web (via Windows Central). 

Unfortunately, the company didn’t give out an exact availability date, or even a timeframe for when users can expect support for Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take too much time. We’ll update you as soon as Microsoft Edge support is launched.

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