Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel arrive for Android phones in beta form

by Email Twitter: seancameron28 May 19th, 2015 in News


Microsoft caused a major stir last year by announcing, and then releasing, Word for iPad. Since then it has worked steadily to continue bringing its offerings to other mobile systems, and now Android smartphones have joined the club.

Today, Redmond released PowerPoint, Word and Excel for Android smartphones in beta form, with these offerings having previously only been available on Android tablets, as reported on 9to5Google, and officially announced on the Office Blog.

At the moment, the apps are simply downsized versions of the tablet offerings, but it is virtually a guarantee that Microsoft will continue to bring more features and stability improvements as time goes by.

Given that Android is now the biggest operating system on the planet by some margin, this strategy makes a great deal of sense for the new, pragmatic Microsoft; it is virtually a given that a number of die-hard Windows users will remain dissatisfied with this state of affairs however.

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