Microsoft Word on the web gets a comment “like” feature

Arif Bacchus

Updated on:

If you’ve ever wanted to show your pleasure for a comment left that was left in a document that you worked on in Word on the web, then now you can. That is exactly the feature that Microsoft has announced is rolling out.

This feature means that you will no longer need to press the “+1” to show agreement with a comment in Word on the web. That’s been replaced with an upvote button, which is basically that “like” function as you’d find in Teams.

To use it, open a document that already contains comments. You’ll then be able to either react to an existing comment or add a new one with the like button in the top right corner of the comment box. A like can even be removed by tapping the like button again. As you’d expect, hovering hover the like button will also show who else has “liked” that comment, with it being updated in real-time.

Unfortunately, at this time, those who might be using Word on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android will not see comment reactions. Microsoft says that the product team is working to bring this feature to other platforms soon. The feature is in process of rolling out on Word for the Web and you should see it soon.