Microsoft Word is getting text predictions and new comments experience this Spring

Rabia Noureen

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Microsoft Word New Dictation Features

Microsoft is launching a couple of new intelligent features that should make collaborating much easier for Microsoft Word users. The new additions, announced as part of the Microsoft 365 roadmap, include Text predictions and modern comments.

With Text predictions, Word for Windows will be able to predict text in real-time as the user types in a document. These predictions will be greyed out, and users will need to press the TAB key to accept a prediction or ignore suggestions by continuing to type. At launch, this functionality is coming to English-speaking users only, and it will be turned on by default for everyone.

GIF of feature.

Microsoft says that the smart feature will learn and get better over time. It should help to minimize spelling and grammar issues by providing suggestions quickly and accurately based on the user’s writing. Text predictions will begin rolling out in Word for Windows in March, but it is still unclear when this update will be available for Word for Mac or the Web app.

In addition to Text predictions, Microsoft is also bringing a new commenting experience to Word for Windows and Mac. This update will add modern features for Word users, including @mention, notifications, and more. Users will get the ability to respond to comments directly from an email notification.

This feature is currently available in Word for the web for all users, and it is expected to roll out for desktop users in the coming months. Do you think Text predictions and modern comments can help you be more productive? Let us know in the comments below.