Microsoft Word 2013 to have PDF editing, now allows for more productivity

Microsoft office has been one of the most popular Office suite available out there. While other alternatives exist nothing is quite so common as Microsoft Office running on an everyday computer. Now, the upcoming Office 2013 is expected to allow for more productivity.

Microsoft Word 2013 to have PDF editing, now allows for more productivity - - July 1, 2012

From, Office 2007 onwards, you could save a document as a PDF from inside the software. Office 2010 included it natively, while you did need an add-on for 2007, but neither would let you edit your PDF afterwards. This is set to change in Office 2013. Office 2013 is expected to include native support for PDF files. You can convert a PDF document into a Word document and edit the content. Paul Thurrott's WinSuperSite claims that Microsoft has added a PDF reader to Word 2013 as well. This will help users a lot. Now, there will be no need of installing Adobe Reader and Acrobat software to display PDF files. Office 2013 beta is expected to be launched next week. The Beta Refresh featured colored window shadows, faster animations, and a newer more refined look and feel to the interface. This is how you can convert PDF file to word file and can edit it:

Click File > Open > Browse.

Find the PDF and click Open.

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