Microsoft: Windows RT will get better over time, just you wait

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Windows RT made its debut on the Surface RT back in October of last year and it received a bit of criticism regarding its usefulness and ability to sell. Now, Microsoft defends Windows RT in a recent interview and urged everyone that it will get better over time.

“It was a ton of work for us and we didn’t do the work and endure the disruption for any reason other than the fact that there’s a strategy there that just gets stronger over time,” Microsoft’s Corporate VP Michael Angiulo stated in an interview with CNET.

Recently, during Nvidia’s Investor Session with CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, it was revealed that the company was disappointed with the sales of Windows RT and expects Microsoft to invest more time into the operating system to make it better. This seems to be the common trend with Windows RT.

One of the big criticisms of Windows RT is the inability to run desktop apps. But Microsoft thinks this is a good thing. “People are talking about legacy desktop software not running, but they don’t think about the customer benefit of only running modern apps. The only apps that you install from the Windows store are the kind, that as a customer, you can manage your rights to,” Angiulo stated.

Microsoft believes that Windows RT will be a strong platform over time. “Let’s say you drop that PC in a pool. Well, you get a new one and then you just redownload [the apps]. That’s the kind of model people are used to with a phone or tablet today. I can maintain all the apps in the [Microsoft] store and reset with a single switch,” Angiulo states.

“So, on Windows RT, the user experience stays consistent over time. That’s a big benefit. And as the number of apps grow in the store, that value promise only gets stronger,” Anguilo adds.

So there you have it. Microsoft’s defense on Windows RT. While the defense offers the Windows Store apps as the main reason one should have a Windows RT device, the defense forgets to see that there are not many quality apps in the Windows Store.

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