Microsoft: Windows 8.1 to RTM in August

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Windows 8. 1 preview

Microsoft have finally confirmed at the annual Wordwide Partner Conference that Windows 8.1 is set to RTM in August this year, meaning OEM's should receive the final version of Windows 8.1 before September. What's more, is that unconfirmed reports are claiming that the RTM will be pushed out as an update for Windows 8 shortly after the RTM is finalized, which hasn't happened before.

Usually, Microsoft wait a period of time after RTM before releasing it to the public, but this time that may not be the case. It could be a few days after RTM is complete before we start seeing the update available in the Windows Store and on services like MSDN and TechNet.

Either way, it's good to see Microsoft on track for releasing Windows 8.1 in time for the Christmas holiday. Will you be upgrading to Windows 8.1 later this year?

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