Microsoft: Windows 8 UI was designed before Apple launched iPad

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According to Microsoft, the company began working on the Windows 8 user interface long before Apple even launched the first iPad. Microsoft also admitted that the company needs to speed up the process of moving projects from research and development to product launch.

Microsoft: windows 8 ui was designed before apple launched ipad - onmsft. Com - june 17, 2011

"Think about when the planning started for what you saw just the other day; all the planning, the intent, the interface design work was done before the iPad hit the market. We know where we're going - we just have to get there faster," said Dan'l Lewin, Corporate Vice President for Strategic and Emerging Business Development at Microsoft.

As we have seen from multiple screenshots and the Windows 8 introduction at the Computex and D9 conferences, the Windows 8 user interface is heavily influenced by Windows Phone 7's Metro UI. In fact, we are also expecting to see Xbox Live integration in Windows 8.

A few days ago, we learned from a senior Microsoft executive, that Windows 8 will hit the market in September 2012. We expect to see a Beta by September of this year when Microsoft holds its BUILD developer conference.

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