Microsoft: Windows 8 is helping schools modernize learning by supporting new education standards


Microsoft has revealed today that Windows 8 is growing in popularity in schools across the United States. In fact, the software giant revealed that ten school districts and higher-education institutions have signed up to use Windows 8 for more than 540,000 students!

"Windows 8 is helping schools modernize learning by supporting new education standards, online assessments and the move to digital learning by providing a powerful platform where content can be easily consumed and created, and a connection to the cloud where collaboration opportunities can be reimagined," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

According to Microsoft, Windows 8 provides students with improved learning experiences needed in the work place, as well as a modern way to consume content. Windows 8 also saves the school time and money, on top of reducing IT and other maintenance costs with top-notch security features.

Microsoft is also launching a campaign called "Windows in the Classroom." Microsoft will be conducting 700 seminars across the United States before the end of the school year to show school teachers and admins how technology can be used in the classroom. If you are from a school in the United States, head over here to sign up!

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