Microsoft: Windows 10 Creators Update will make your gaming experience much better

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Microsoft’s Head of Platform Engineering for Xbox, Mike Ybarra, has taken to the Xbox Wire to announce multiple improvements coming to gaming across Windows 10 and Xbox One. These improvements will affect Xbox Live, Windows 10 PCs, mobile and Xbox One.

Beam live streaming for Windows 10 and Xbox One

Let’s start off with one of the most expected additions since Microsoft acquired live streaming service Beam. Both Windows 10 and Xbox One will be receiving the option to instantly live stream a gaming session to Beam. By connecting Beam to an Xbox Live account, players will be able to stream their gameplay to the masses from the comfort of their preferred gaming device, as well as share it with the Xbox community across Xbox Live. Ybarra notes that no extra software will be needed for this.

On Windows 10, instant live streaming will be started via the Game Bar, which is brought up by pressing Windows + G during gaming. The option to live stream will be added to the Guide on Xbox One.

Gaming performance improvements

Microsoft’s aim is to make Windows 10 the best ever Windows for gaming – and they’re certainly taking strides to meet that aim. As previously reported, Game Mode will be arriving in the Windows 10 Creators Update, enabling gamers to instantly switch to the ultimate performance mode for Windows 10, a bit like enabling Sport Mode in a car, delivering that extra boost.

Xbox One will also receive some major performance improvements. The Guide will be made faster, with common tasks being easier to access and quicker than ever. The improved Guide will allow users to record with GameDVR, adjust recording length, access previous captures and a new Achievement tracking overlay. A new Gamerscore Leaderboard, Cortana design and improved background music controls are also on the way.

New and improved Community features

Ybarra states that the company is “making it easier to connect with people you care about on other social networks,” which leads us to believe that social network integration is on the way, which could end up adding Facebook and Twitter sharing on Xbox One.

The Activity Feed, Clubs and Looking For Groups (LFGs) will also be receiving updates and improvements to enable a richer experience, however, Ybarra stopped short of explaining what is changing exactly, although, better moderation tools are on the way.

Tournaments will be coming to Arena, allowing players to create their own tournaments in games such as World of Tanks and Killer Instinct, with more games being added as time progresses. Results of a tournment will be automatically saved, so that they can be shared to the Xbox Live community and on external social networks.

Finally, Ybarra says that there will be a “few surprises” – so keep an eye out for anything else!

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