Microsoft will release Azure RemoteApp for general availability on December 11th

Microsoft will release Azure Remote App for general availability on December 11th

Microsoft has set a date to release Azure RemoteApp into the wild. This cloud software enables companies to leverage existing business apps on mobile devices. The business application could be a legacy app running on Windows XP, but via Azure RemoteApp the company could run it on an iPad. This technology gives companies the ability to be mobile without spending money redeveloping their business apps. Now this wonderful service will be available in a week on December 11th.

Many companies use applications which are specific to their company. If you run a medium or small business it may be unreasonable to attempt to rewrite all of these business applications for mobile devices. Azure RemoteApp enables the business apps to be virtualized on Azure and sent to mobile devices via the Remote Desktop protocol. The Azure RemoteApp runs on Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android so legacy apps can be ran from anywhere without being rewritten for every mobile platform.

Microsoft investing in this technology is exactly what Satya Nadella means when he says mobile first cloud first world. This technology takes old, heavy applications, hosts them in the cloud and delivers them to mobile devices. This gives companies more flexibility when deciding what new hardware or software to buy. Try it now with a free Microsoft Azure trial. Customers testing this technology now will be phased into a trial period for 30 days before they are required to pay.

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