Microsoft will not add new help articles to its Lumia Highlights app, another hit against the Lumia brand

Jack Wilkinson

Over the last couple days, a new message has begun appearing in Microsoft’s Lumia Highlights app that announces it will not receive any new content in the form of help articles, as reported by Windows Central.

The Lumia Highlights app has had an interesting past; first being created under the helm of Nokia as Nokia Care, then after Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia it became Lumia Help+Tips and finally, for Windows 10 Mobile, it became Lumia Highlights.

Now, when looking at the app, the following message will be displayed:

After today, you will no longer see any new articles on this app. But it’s not a goodbye because there are still other ways to keep in touch. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And remember to subscribe to our newsletters to receive latest information, tips and offers from Microsoft Lumia in the future.

This is Microsoft’s latest shift against Lumia, a brand created by Nokia and inherited by Microsoft.

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