Microsoft will bet you a new laptop that it can upgrade your (compatible) PC to Windows 10

Time is running out to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. After July 29th, Windows 7 and 8.1 users will have to pay to get Microsoft's latest operating system.

Microsoft has rather infamously been urging PC owners to take advantage of the free offer. However, so far over 350 million people have decided to take the plunge to the latest version of Windows.

Wanna make a bet?

Maybe in realizing they've probably maxed out getting as many people as possible to download the upgrade, Microsft is taking an in-person approach to promoting the free offer. Specifically, Microsoft wants to bet you a free brand new Dell Inspiron 15 that they can upgrade your old PC to Windows 10 in the same day you bring it into a Microsoft Store.

Interior of a Microsoft Store

The bet is that if you bring your old PC to an Answer Desk at a Microsoft Store, they will take care of the upgrade process for your for free, and have your computer ready by the end of the day. If your computer isn't ready by the end of the day, then you get a free Dell Inspiron 15.

Terms Apply

There are a few conditions. Your old PC must be capable of running Windows 10, meaning it meets the minimum system requirements. Also, you have to check into the Answer Desk by noon local time for the bet to be valid. The offer is currently active and runs through July 29th, or until supplies last. The deal is only available in the US (including Puerto Rico) and Canada.

Dell Inspiron 15

There are also a few additional offers. If your PC isn't compatible, you can recycle it for a $150 credit towards a new PC. And you also get $20 off Office 365 Home when you upgrade to Windows 10. Finally, Microsoft's announcement mentions there is a chance to win an Xbox One when upgrading in store, but you have to ask a store associate.

This latest promotion might encourage owners of older PCs to come in for the upgrade. It certainly gives them little to lose in the upgrade process. Microsoft's campaign of desktop notifications and recommended updates has been pretty relentless. But maybe they are realizing there is a segment of users who are reticent to upgrade via a download because they don't think they can upgrade their old machine all on their own.

As we enter the final stretch it wouldn't be surprising to see more last minute promotions. After which point, all those annoying pop-ups will finally halt... but you'll have to pay for the ability to upgrade when Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 just doesn't cut it anymore.

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