Microsoft Wi-Fi appears in Windows 10 build 10158

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Microsoft Wi-Fi now available in Windows 10 build 10158

Microsoft Wi-Fi allows users to pay for Wi-Fi access at public places around the world, is now appearing in the new Windows 10 build 10158. Microsoft Wi-Fi is a new paid service that allows users to buy access to Wi-Fi hotspots in blocks of time, instead of paying a monthly fee. According to Microsoft Wi-Fi app, you can pay for Microsoft Wi-Fi access using the same payment method you use to purchase apps from the Windows Store. 

It appears that accessing the Microsoft Wi-Fi hotspots is easy. If you are interested in using Microsoft Wi-Fi, simply search for a Wi-Fi network called "Buy Wi-Fi from Windows Store" when you are in a public place, and you will be online in no time. Allegedly, users will automatically connect to Microsoft Wi-Fi hotspots when they are in the range of an airport or hotel for the rest of their paid time. 

Microsoft Wi-Fi is the latest addition to Windows 10 build 10158 that is getting me really excited for the RTM release of Windows 10. No word yet on availability but you can read more about it here. I hope that Microsoft Wi-Fi is a great success.

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