Microsoft Whiteboard app updates on iOS with support for hyperlinks

Brad Stephenson

The Microsoft Whiteboard app received a small update for Apple’s iPhones and iPads earlier today. This update, which brings the free app to Version 20.10406.0.5006, comes with the usual bug fixes but also adds an entirely new feature that generates thumbnails for websites linked to from within a whiteboard.

Here’s the full release notes:

Hyperlinks! Paste a link into your Whiteboard and we’ll automatically generate a thumbnail based on your link. This release also contains regular bug fixes and quality improvements.

Microsoft Whiteboard is a free app that works as a kind of digital drawing board. Boards can be shared with other people with numerous participants being able to collaborate on the same board in real-time via the iOS app and the Windows 10 app and the web.

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‎Microsoft Whiteboard
‎Microsoft Whiteboard