Microsoft Whiteboard app now available for download

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About three days ago we reported on the Microsoft Whiteboard becoming available for all Windows 10 devices. Unfortunately, Microsoft published a post to mention availability, but the link to the app 404’ed. Only up until the past two days did the app actually go live in the Microsoft Store for download.

The experience is great overall, but Whiteboard might be a bit laggy on some devices due to the current preview state of the application. You can share a link to a Whiteboard with anyone and have them join your inking experience. You can also ink in different colored pens and markers, use a highlighter, and insert a photo by right clicking on the whiteboard. There’s even a digital ruler, and Whiteboard recognizes anything on your clipboard and can paste it in for you— be it text or a photo.

We tried the experience for ourselves, and it’s pretty cool to see someone else type out notes and draw on your screen. You can check the link below to download the app to your device, but be aware this app is still in preview and is best used on a device with a touchscreen.

Microsoft Whiteboard
Microsoft Whiteboard
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