Microsoft: We are not in a Post-PC era

In a recent TechNet blog post by Microsoft Vice President of Corporate Communications, Frank Shaw, it was revealed that the company has a different view towards the PC realm. As many people think that we are entering a post-PC era, Microsoft believes that we are barely getting started.

“I’ve seen a resurgence of the term “post” applied to the PC in a number of stories. That’s human nature and part of the way we like our stories, simple and straightforward, black and white. A new thing shows up, kills the old thing, end of story. But in the world of technology, it’s rarely (but not never) that clear cut. Most of the time, in fact, new objects enhance and complement the things we’ve already got. They don’t replace them,” Shaw stated.

Microsoft is rejecting the idea that we are in a post-PC era. Instead, new technology such as eReaders, tablets, smartphones, and set-top boxes are added to “compliment” the PC.

Shaw points out two factors that make a PC unique. “There are a set of important things that PCs do uniquely well, and they aren’t going away. PCs are rapidly and dramatically getting better at doing the things those companions do,” Shaw states.

“Over the years, the PC evolved from word processor and automated calculator to a communications device we couldn’t live without – email, instant messaging, evolving to today’s always-on social environment in which we tweet, like, Skype, post, tag and check-in our way through the day.”

As far as the PC being dead, Shaw completely disagrees. “And that’s why one should take any reports of the death of the PC with a rather large grain of salt. Because creating and collaborating are two of the most basic human drives, and are central to the idea of the PC. So while it’s fun for the digerati to pronounce things dead, and declare we’re post-PC, we think it’s far more accurate to say that the 30-year-old PC isn’t even middle aged yet, and about to take up snowboarding.”

Do you feel that we have entered a post-PC era or simply an era where numerous devices are used in conjunction with the PC? Post your feedback in the comments below!

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