Microsoft warns that sideloading Windows 10 onto unsupported phones may 'brick' them


When Microsoft announced the list of supported devices for the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones, many were left crestfallen. Omitted from the list were high-end options such as the Lumia 930, Icon and 1520. Only users sporting a Lumia 630, 635, 636, 638, 730 or 830 are currently able to sample the new software.

Naturally, some have decided to try and prove Redmond wrong in its assertions, shoehorning the new OS into devices not officially listed. Following a number of claims from a Polish site that users had managed to sideload the Technical Preview into a Lumia 625, the hopes of many rose.

Aware of this situation however, Microsoft has warned that any users who attempt this risk bricking their devices entirely. The process involves loading a registry editor to the chosen device via a MicroSD card and then essentially fooling the OS into believing it is housed on another phone, i.e. tricking a Lumia 520 into thinking it is a 630. This then theoretically opens the way for the Technical Preview to be installed but, as explained, this carries with it a significant risk.

Given that this is the earliest build of any Windows Phone software that Microsoft has ever made available for 'public' use, that there are still a number of significant hurdles to be overcome is hardly surprising. Starting from a small subset of devices is common practice, and Microsoft has promised that future updates will be delivered thick and fast, meaning that those currently left waiting in the dark will potentially not have to do so for much longer.

WP10 Success

Redmond has delivered on its promises in the past, at least in this area. The Windows Developer Preview program, run for previous versions of Windows Phone, was widely praised both for its stability and its availability. This new program promises to deliver the same results, time is all that is needed.

Will you be installing the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones when it become available for your device? Let us know in the comments below.

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