Microsoft wants your old iOS or Android device for a gift card up to $350

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Recently, we learned that Microsoft was offering a $200 credit towards a Surface if you give them your old iPad. Now, it seems that Microsoft has expanded on this offer, which now includes Android devices and Apple devices. The amount of money you can get in return has also increased.

"Trade in your old iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Samsung and dozens of other makes and models of phones and tablets, and get up to $350 back (via a prepaid Visa card) when you buy a Surface, Windows PC or laptop, or Windows Phone," the program description reads.

This program is in partnership with Clover Wireless. The process is simple. Simply visit the Trade-Up website, find out how much your old device is worth, purchase a new Windows Phone or Windows tablet, mail the old device to Clover Wireless, and you will receive a Visa prepaid card in return. The Visa card will be up to $350.

What happens to your old device once you give it to Clover Wireless? "Clover Wireless reconditions for resale or recycles all the devices they receive during this program. Clover Wireless employs a zero-tolerance landfill policy ensuring all electronic waste is shredded and/or smelted in the U.S. to be repurposed in the creation of new material," the program FAQ reads.

So there you have it. If you have an old Apple iPhone or Android phone laying around, try out this program. If you have multiple devices you want to trade in, go for it! You will receive the trade-in value for each device.

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