Microsoft wants you to meet Cortana, offers in-depth guide to your new personal assistant

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Microsoft wants you to meet cortana, offers in-depth guide to your new personal assistant

Microsoft would like you to meet Cortana. The company has implemented a new section on the official Windows Phone website, offering users a chance to become familiar with Cortana and how she can become your new digital assistant.

As most of you are aware by now, Cortana comes with Windows Phone 8.1. Cortana can help you set reminders, keep track of anything you tell her, and even tell you a joke or two. Cortana can even plan your day, follow your favorite sports teams, help you cook a nice meal, and much more.

"Her job is to be your personal assistant. She makes it easier to get things done on your phone, and she's designed to be simple to use -- just tell her what you want, the way you might tell a human personal assistant, and Cortana will get you going," Microsoft states.

If you are looking to read up on Cortana to see what she is all about, head over to the official Windows Phone website (which I saw via Neowin). You can read some of her stats and even check out some how-to content.

In case you missed it, Microsoft recently rolled out the very first Cortana TV commercial pitting her against Apple's Siri. Cortana can remind you about something specific the next time you speak to a particular person. On top of that, Cortana can let you know of a local flower shop (for example) when you are driving close to one.

Head over to the VIA link to meet Cortana.

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