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For those who missed it, the world’s largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games and entertainment (Gamescom) was today and Microsoft was center stage showcasing it’s Xbox One gaming content. During the event, Microsoft’s Phil Harrison, Corporate VP, revealed that gamers should expect more exclusive and epic Xbox One game titles.

Microsoft revealed that FIFA 14, a popular sports game, would be available as a digital download for free for those who pre-order the Xbox One in the UK and Europe. This is a fantastic marketing tactic on the company’s part to appeal to the soccer/football fans of Europe while trying to boost sales of the Xbox One entertainment console. Of course, this promotion will last as long as there are plenty of consoles in stock.


Microsoft has “joined forces” with Electronic Arts to bring the latest installment of FIFA to the Xbox One and Xbox 360, in what the company calls “unique ways that wont be offered on any other gaming platform.” The Xbox will get FIFA 14, with exclusive content such as 40 of the world’s football legends, playable alongside today’s stars with unique attributes and custom BIOs. Microsoft wants to “ensure we keep offering fans mind-blowing exclusives on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.”

Microsoft also revealed the Independent Developers @ Xbox ([email protected]) program, which allows game developers to build, publish, and distribute their games digitally on the Xbox One. “It’s a program we built based on feedback from over 50 developers which enables self-publishing of digital games on Xbox One. The program will offer developers access to development kits at no charge and an easy path for developers to build, publish and sell their games on Xbox One,” Microsoft stated. You can head over to to check out this program.

While the console has yet to be launched, Microsoft is already promising “more great stuff” to ensure the Xbox One continues to raise the bar in terms of entertainment and gaming. “So expect more mega franchises like FIFA, with Xbox exclusive content. Expect more exclusives titles like “Titanfall.” Expect more epics like “Halo” and “Call of Duty.” Expect more games reimagined for Xbox One such as “Fable Legends”. And expect the most immersive, new generation gameplay with multiplayer and innovations like Kinect and SmartGlass which make your experience way more fun and authentic than it could have been before,” Harrison states.

So there you have it. The Xbox One launches in November of this year, but expect to hear more about exclusive game titles and overall “more great stuff” as the launch of the console nears.

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