Microsoft wants to rename Real Madrid’s Bernabeu stadium in Spain

Microsoft wants to rename Real Madrid's stadium in Spain

Spanish soccer team Real Madrid currently play at the Bernabeu Stadium, named after the country’s former president Santiago Bernabeu. But if Microsoft gets its way, this could all change as the company is in talks with the club about acquiring naming rights.

This is far from being the first sports stadium to be named after a company, but talks appear to be in very early stages at the moment. In an interview with broadcaster Antena 3, President of Microsoft in Spain, Maria Garana said:

“We have excellent relations with Real Madrid. They are using our technology and that makes us very proud. They’ve raised, as have other companies, renaming the stadium and we’re only talking about this possibility.”

Microsoft is hardly a company that needs to raise its profile, but business tie-ins like this would have benefits for both parties.

There have been a few suggestions for names floating around online including Gates Ground and Cristiano RonalDOS. Do you have any suitably Microsofty and humorous ideas for a Stadium name?

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