Microsoft wants to help you pick up the best Microsoft device for your needs

Mark Coppock

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If you’re trying to decide which Microsoft device to purchase, you have a lot to choose from. The company offers everything from gaming consoles to fitness trackers to tablets to full-blown notebooks (with tablet functionality, to boot). It’s quite the stable of hardware devices for what was once almost exclusively a software company.
And so, Microsoft has been nice enough to put together a self-assessment over at Instagram that will help you decide on which Microsoft hardware to spend your hard-earned dollars. First, take the quiz.

Microsoft Devices Take the Quiz
Here’s the first page, to get you started.

Microsoft Devices Take the Quiz 2
Next, select an interest.

Microsoft Devices Take the Quiz 4
Go through a few more sets of questions, and eventually, you’ll be presented with a suggested Microsoft device.

The quiz is a little leading, and a bit limited as well. But it’s a fun little process to go through to see what Microsoft considers important in choosing a new device. Run through the quiz a few times to see just how much you should spend, in the company’s eyes.
Or, you can just continue to hit up WinBeta, where we’ll keep you up to date on what’s hip and happening when it comes to Microsoft devices. Because that’s why we exist.