Microsoft wants fake Halo 4 Beta’s domain name, files complaint

A fake Halo 4 Beta website claiming to offer access to the beta program was deemed unofficial and malicious by Microsoft recently with intent to trick users into revealing their Xbox Live password. Now, Microsoft is filing a complain to attain that domain.

Microsoft has been warning users that any website or source claiming to offer access to the Halo 4 Beta program are fakes, designed to trick you into revealing your Xbox Live password. Microsoft has yet to announce or even begin a beta program for Halo 4.

Microsoft has filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum and is demanding that be transferred to Microsoft’s ownership. In something similar, Activision demanded that, which redirected visitors to the official Battlefield 3 page, be transferred to its ownership after a troll set up the domain. Activision eventually won.

The circumstances in which Microsoft will most likely win the case is because not only does causes confusion with a Microsoft trademark, but it was also registered with malicious intent and the owner has no “rights or legitimate interests” with respect to the domain.

This new game, Halo 4, is set to be the first installment in a trilogy and will be developed by Microsoft’s own, 343 Industries, rather than Bungie Studios, which was used in the past for previous installments.

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