Microsoft wants to encourage Edge development by open-sourcing Edge Test Drive web demos

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Image Credt: microsoft

The idea of ‘Test Drive’ sites is not new to Microsoft. Back in 2010, Microsoft launched the Internet Explorer Test Drive site during the Internet Explorer 9 preview. After the launch, Microsoft continually added more demos as IE 10 and IE11 rolled out. Rolling out the Test Drive site was Microsoft’s attempt to give web developers a hands-on feel for the browsers. Using this ‘Test Drive’ model, developers could play around with new features and get a feel for the performance improvements that were being developed for the browsers. Perhaps, more importantly, Test Drive was a showcase for a polished end-to-end experience using the best components the web had to offer.

With Microsoft’s self-imposed July 29th release date rushing upon it, the company would like to foster as much development enthusiasm for its new browser as possible. The Microsoft Edge Dev blog is announcing a new Test Drive site. The new Test Drive site will launch as part of the new Microsoft Edge Developer Site. The Edge team is also excited to open source all of their feature demos on Github so that developers can learn and reuse code for any other website or contribute fixes. This time around, the Explorer/Edge team is focusing on, “delivering a greater interoperability across browsers.”

Image Credit: Microsoft

For interested developers, the new Test Drive site will offer a few of the most popular demos from older sites. Alongside more aged migrations, the Test Drive sites will also bring new demos that include:

  • CSS3 Filters: Learn the different types of filters and even how to animate them using @keyframes
  • Music Lounge: Create your composition using Web Audio and touch input, using BabylonJS
  • Web Audio Tuner: Chromatic tuner built using Web Audio API and Media Capture API
  • Math APIs: Bypass the limits of number precision in JavaScript with the new precision API
  • PhotoCapture: Learn how to select cameras and take pictures with the browser using the Media Capture API
  • Microphone: Record, play, save and load streaming audio acquired using Media Capture API; then apply Web Audio visualizations, effects, and filters to stream data
  • @Supports: Test whether certain CSS properties and values are supported

As Microsoft looks to jumpstart the creative developer process, the Test Drive site will also showcase some of the Microsoft collaborated projects such as Flight Arcade and the Dolby Audio Experience. Microsoft’s Edge browser is coming along very well, and now would be a good time for the community of talented developers to help develop an immersive future for the Edge browser.

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