Microsoft voted best UK games retailer in 2015

MCV (Market for Computer and Video Games) UK has just put out their much-anticipated annual report of the games industry, as seen through the eyes of UK games retailers, such as GAME and HMV. The report had a lot of interesting information that industry enthusiasts can take with them into the coming year, and promises a bright future for everyone who loves gaming.
What you'll all find most relevant is this: Microsoft took home the title of best publisher in the UK, just above Bethesda, but unmatched by anyone else.  This makes sense, with Xbox One owners enjoying in vast quantities either Halo 5 or Rise of the Tomb Raider during the third quarter of this year, both of which are published by Microsoft directly. This is pretty great news for people who are tired of the same old publishers coming out and dominating business, for sure.
Microsoft voted best UK games retailer in 2015 - - December 11, 2015\
The only other time that Microsoft is made a significant part of the polling is exactly what you would expect - the console war question. All of the retailers were asked which console they think is going to be dominating 2016, and, as it turns out, they do believe that Playstation 4 is going to be taking that title without too much effort.
Microsoft voted best UK games retailer in 2015 - - December 11, 2015
This isn't terribly surprising, with Xbox One's big exclusives having already released, and the PS4 having tons of console exclusive content still on the horizon, like Uncharted 4 and No Man's Sky. Playstation also has plenty of exclusives teased for the future, like Detroit: Become Human. Xbox One is going to need to put a big focus on securing third party developers for console exclusives if they want to compete in 2016, but they're definitely in a better place than they were in past years.
Still, with game changers like Virtual Reality on the table, it's going to be hard to predict what's going to happen in the gaming industry next year. Oculus and Playstation VR are both going to be strong contenders, having had strong presences recently in the Game Awards and the Playstation Experience respectively. Their performance is going to be a big determining factor in the course of the industry over 2016.

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