Microsoft Visual Studio 11 beta now available, brings new features

It’s been a very scheduled 24 hours for Microsoft, with the release of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Windows Server 8 beta and the launch of Microsoft Flight. Microsoft is launching the Visual Studio 11 beta, which brings new features to the table, and support for developing on the Consumer Preview!

Microsoft had already promised that the company were planning to launch the Visual Studio 11 beta, and is available for download on the official website. Microsoft is expected to name the Visual Studio 11neta as Visual Studio 2012 when the time comes for release, following previous release names that is.

Visual Studio 11 brings many new features to the table such as minimizing the number of commands that appear on the programs UI, as well as preview tabs, search improvements and more. Visual Studio 11 has full Windows 8 support and is recommended if you are developing Metro apps for Windows 8.

You can download the Visual Studio 11 beta here. The Visual Studio 11 beta can be used to develop both Windows 7 (and below) applications and Windows 8 metro apps, and is recommended for the Consumer Preview.

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