Microsoft on the verge of announcing a 256GB Surface Pro device


According to a new report, Microsoft is on the verge of announcing a new Surface Pro device which features 256GB in storage. The software giant currently offers a 64GB and 128GB Surface Pro device for consumers in the United States and Canada.

Microsoft has apparently been “prepping for this announcement” and the new Surface Pro 256GB will soon be announced and release to the Microsoft Store for all to purchase. No word on specs, aside from the storage space, or if the new Surface Pro device will feature a better processor such as the Intel Haswell chip which everyone is drooling for. Chances are, the 256GB variant will simply be a Surface Pro with larger storage space and nothing new in terms of hardware specs.

Almost a month ago, Japan was able to purchase an exclusive 256GB variant of the Surface Pro for 19,800 JPY ($1,170 USD) which also had Office 2013 Home & Business pre-installed. Most of us in the United States had to deal with just the 64GB or 128GB model.

Is offering a 256GB model the perfect move on Microsoft’s part or should this move have happened a long time ago? We will keep you posted when Microsoft officially reveals the 256GB model.

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