Microsoft has been using 100% renewable energy for its US operations since 2014


If you have been following Apple special events in the past, you may now that the Cupertino giant often uses its keynotes to talk about its environmental initiatives. Yesterday, the company put on stage its vice president of environment, policy, and social issues Lisa Jackson to announce that 93 percent of Apple’s global operations now run on sustainable energy.

If Apple’s commitment to protect the environment is laudable, our colleagues at The Verge wanted to know how its tech competitors compared. Indeed, if many of the biggest tech companies currently aim to reach 100 percent green energy, we already reported a year ago that Microsoft was buying more renewable energy than Google and Apple combined in 2014, which was enough to match 100 percent of Microsoft’s U.S. electricity use.

The Verge referred to the latest data from United States Environmental Protection Agency National Top 100 list which discloses the largest green power users among companies operating in the US. Please find the top five companies below:

The top 5 companies in United States Environmental Protection Agency National Top 100 list

The top 5 companies in United States Environmental Protection Agency National Top 100 list

The Environmental Protection Agency currently lists Microsoft as #2 in the list of top 100 leading green energy purchasers in the States, and the company currently purchases almost 2.7 billion kilowatt-hours of clean energy on an annual basis. Among other tech companies that also appear on the top 100 national section of that list, Google clocks at 34 percent of green power, Dell at 54 percent and Samsung at 8 percent (Amazon and Facebook are absent from this list).

Microsoft is also doing more than just purchasing green energy as we reported last week that the company announced a  partnership with the Commonwealth of Virginia and Dominion Virginia Power to bring a significant amount of solar energy to the people of Virginia. It’s always good to see Microsoft and other tech companies make commitments to be carbon-neutral companies, and we hope more companies will follow by example.

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