Microsoft updates Windows Phone Dev Center app, Beta apps no longer expire

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Microsoft updates Windows Phone Dev Center, beta apps no longer expire

Microsoft has rolled out an update to the Windows Phone Dev Center today, making things just a bit easier for app developers. In the past, Beta apps would expire after 90 days, would be limited to a select number of users, and required a special link to access the app as it would not be available when searching the Windows Phone Store. Well, no longer is this the case.

“Existing beta apps that have already been created in Dev Center will still expire after 90 days, even if they are updated. However, from this point forward, newly created beta apps will not expire and developers can keep updating them as frequently as they like. We hope this change makes the beta app feature more useful for you,” Microsoft explained in an official blog post.

On top of this new change, Microsoft has rolled out an update to the Windows Phone Dev Center app, which developers can use to track the status (including reviews) of their apps. Microsoft has added a new “markets” page to the app, which showcases a per-market breakdown of downloads, ratings, and reviews.

Microsoft urges app developers to continue submitting feedback at the official UserVoice forum. “We’re continuing to evolve the Dev Center and we hope that you find these changes valuable. As always, please keep sharing your feedback to help influence our priorities,” Microsoft added.

Hit the download link to snag the updated Dev Center app.

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