Microsoft updates OneNote app for Windows 8, features pen and ink improvements


Microsoft has released an update to the OneNote app for Windows 8 and Windows RT, available for free in the Windows Store. The update brings along pen and ink improvements as well as support for Office 365 notebooks.

"We've spent the last few months talking with our customers, reading reviews and gathering feedback. Many of you wanted better pen customization while drawing and handwriting, as well as the ability to quickly flip between customized pens. We're happy to share that you can now do both in the updated app," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

For those of you on a Surface Pro, the updated OneNote app allows you to use your stylus to see available pens, which can be customized by color and thickness. You can easily customize these pens rather than using the four default pens that are provided by the app. OneNote will then remember what pen you use in a slot for easy switching.

The update also makes it easy to access your notebooks on Office 365 and allows you to keep track of your personal work notes in one place. Once you sign into Office 365, the OneNote app will show a list of recent notebooks, which you can tap or click to open.

"We hope you'll enjoy the improvements in this update to the OneNote app. We've received lots of great feedback from you about what you like about the app and what you still think needs some work, and we even found and fixed a few bugs along the way," Microsoft stated. Hit the download link below to snag the OneNote app or simply update the app via the Windows Store.

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